What is The Wright Mentality?

The Wright Mentality is designed to provide strength, motivation and inspiration. Working to help others achieve goals and dreams of those that feel lost and afraid.

When you don't have enough motivation to go work out, turn to The Wright Mentality, when you've lost your sense of direction, turn to The Wright Mentality, when you want to stay in bed and not chase your dreams, put on The Wright Mentality!

This apparel will remind you that when life seems like it's not going your way, I want to inspire you all that "When you change your Mentality, everything else Flows". Welcome to The Wright Mentality.

  • Red w/ White Short Sleeve $19.99

  • Navy Blue w/Yellow Short Sleeve $19.99

  • Signature Black Hoodie Set w/ Gold Trim $69.99

  • Black and Gold Shirt $19.99

  • Winter Grey Hoodie Set w/ Black Trim $69.99

  • The Signature Black and Hoodie $39.99

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Short sleeve Shirt White w/ Gold trimShort sleeve Shirt White w/ Gold trim